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Senior iOS Product Engineer - Documents team

Remote | Mobile

We have been delivering a powerful suite of productivity apps for iOS and Mac for many years now, and our Documents app has been on the forefront of making file management usable on iOS devices. The team is looking for a creative iOS specialist to help us deliver the best file manager for iPhone and iPad to people all around the world. You’ll face the most challenging tasks in your career and opportunities to make a great impact — build productivity app, that really helps millions of people.

Here’s how you fit in:

  • You are an independent personality and a team player at the same time.
  • You can work effectively in the situation of tough tradeoffs between functionality, complexity and development time.
  • You’re passionate to create a product, that solves consumer needs the best and the most successful way.
  • You like being part of a team and enjoy working with other leading engineers.
  • You’re a person, that sees a big picture and product goals above the code.

What you'll do:

  • Design application architecture.
  • Develop custom UI and product animation.
  • Provide code quality through code reviews & automated tests.
  • Write integration with services such as Dropbox, Google drive, etc.
  • Provide deep research almost at every task.
  • Analyse the code and always look one step ahead - how the code affects other elements of the architecture and how it will be used in the future.
  • Develop interface and core product components.

Essential for the role:

  • Demonstrated technical strengths in Objective-C and SWIFT
  • Xcode, Instruments
  • Building nice and responsive UI
  • UIKit, Core Graphics, iCloud Services, Foundation, GCD
  • OOP patterns
  • Concurrency
  • Memory management and optimizations

We’ll also be looking for these things:

  • SQLite
  • Understanding of the full mobile development lifecycle
  • Unit testing
  • NSURLSession / HTTP
  • Dependency management
  • Git