Readdle terminates app sales and support in Russia

Readdle was founded in Ukraine, and many of our employees call it home. Right now, Russian armed forces are bombing & attacking Ukraine by land, air, and sea. 

Civilian areas are being targeted by numerous missiles. Since the start of the war on Feb 24, thousands of civilians have been killed or wounded, including many children. Over 1,000,000 people have had to leave their homes to escape these war atrocities. The number of casualties keeps growing by the minute.

  • We have removed our apps from sale in the Russian App Store and Google Play.
  • We will not do business with Russian-owned companies or companies that continue to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While we understand that not everyone in Russia shares the same views or beliefs as the Russian government, which is committing human rights abuses and war crimes, we must take action to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. 

What this means: 

  • For existing users: Existing users in Russia will retain access to the app they have installed, but the app will no longer be updated — no new features or security updates will be delivered. We will no longer offer any customer support for our apps.
  • For new users: Readdle’s apps will no longer be available for sale on the Russian App Store or Google Play. We will not offer our products and services to users in Russia.

For our customers in other countries, nothing changes. All our apps and infrastructure are up and running and there will be no disruptions to anything customer-facing. 

We encourage all our international customers and partners to stand with Ukraine and help us defend our country in this unprovoked war.

Learn how you can help right now – every contribution matters!

The Readdle Team The Readdle Team

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