Meet the all-new Documents 7 — the Best File Manager for iPhone and iPad

Documents 7 introduces an all-new Design, a new built-in PDF Editor, powerful iPadOS 13 features, several Privacy-focused improvements, and a lot more.

Readdle is home to one of the best productivity suites available in the market. Today, our apps have been downloaded over 125 million times and have received widespread critical acclaim over the years, all around the globe. 

Our very first foray into the world of apps was in the form of ReaddleDocs — the earliest known document viewer and file manager app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. ReaddleDocs, now known as Documents, has over the last 10 years matured into the best file manager app available on iOS. Documents lets you open and view any type of file on iOS — you can watch videos, download and listen to mp3s, read books in EPUB or other formats, view Word and Excel documents, open zip files, PDFs, images, and much more.

Documents is not only Readdle’s very first app on the App Store, it is also by far our most popular app today. Over the last few months, we’ve focused on rethinking the future of Documents as we know it. We believe that Documents can be much more than being the best file manager for iOS and today’s release of Documents 7 is the first step in this new direction. Documents 7 is the biggest release we’ve shipped in its history, and here’s all the goodness that today’s update brings to your home screens.

A Fresh New Look & Redesigned Interface

While Documents is our most popular app, its users are also our most vocal audience. We have spent the last few months going through all the feedback and requests from many of our users who have been waiting for the big redesign of Documents. Today, we’re delighted to introduce the all-new Documents 7 — completely revamped and now sporting a fresh new look.

Documents 7 new design

The new User Interface has been crafted in a way that is intuitive and easy to use. Our designers have taken cues from the recent overhaul of PDF Expert 7 as well as the feedback we’ve received from our loyal users and channeled it into making Documents 7 a lot more delightful and fun.

Documents 7 offers a beautiful and modern UI to access and manage your files on your iPhone or iPad. Viewing & organizing all your files & folders on iOS devices is a lot more natural and intuitive. As the central hub for all your files, Documents 7 will surely go on to become your favorite app on your iOS devices.

— The + Button on iPhone

Documents 7 on iPhone now features a dedicated ‘+’ button, just like the one you’re used to in Documents for iPad. With the new Plus button on iPhone, you no longer have to hunt around wondering where to look. You can now create new files & folders or import any existing files into the app much more quickly and easily.

Documents 7 Plus button

The Ultimate PDF Experience

Documents 7 introduces a powerful PDF reader experience built right into the app, so you no longer need to depend on other apps. Documents 7 handles all your PDFs for you, offering a beautiful & elegant interface for your multi-page PDF documents. Now, everything feels seamless and is handled right in the app.

Documents 7 PDF editor

In the previous versions of Documents, the experience of working with PDFs was limited to highlighting, underlining, and striking out text. For pretty much anything else, you had to separately download and buy our PDF Expert app from the App Store.

With Documents 7 now in your bag, you can annotate PDFs exactly how you want to, add sticky notes and stickers, leave comments, include shapes and draw on your files using the App Pencil. That’s not all, Documents 7 will even let you fill out PDF forms — essentially offering you everything that we include in the free version of PDF Expert 7.

Of course, there’s a lot more that you can do when working with PDF documents, and so we’ve also included an optional In-App Subscription for professional PDF tools at just $49.99/year. With these professional features available right within Documents 7, you do not have to purchase PDF Expert 7 separately.

If you’re confused about what features are available in Documents 7 for free and what features are bundled in the subscription, don’t worry. This handy reference table will tell you exactly what you’re looking for.

— Important Note for Existing Documents Users:

  1. If you've purchased PDF Expert 6, all the features you already had access to are also available in Documents 7. To get the newer features like the customizable toolbar, the ability to reduce PDF file size, convert to PDF, text and image editing, you can subscribe for just $10 for the first year.
  2. If you had PDF Expert 6 + In-App purchases, you can use all the same features (including text editing) in Documents 7. You’ll still need a subscription for the customizable toolbar, reduce file size, and convert to PDF, which again is available for just $10 for the first year.

Once again, the subscription is only required for the professional PDF features included in this release. You do not need a subscription to manage & organize your files, watch movies, read books, listen to music, download files, connect to PC, transfer files wirelessly between iOS devices, etc. All these features are available to you for free, without any limitations.

Integration with the Files App

Documents 7 integrates directly with the default Files app on iOS, making it super easy to organize and manage all your files. Just like in PDF Expert 7, all the files you have stored in the Documents app are available through the Files app, letting you seamlessly move or copy files to and from other locations. This direct integration doesn’t just let you access Documents app from the Files app, but the files and Locations from the Files app can also be pulled up from within the Documents app.

A Delightful Browsing Experience

Documents has a built-in browser, enabling you to quickly browse and download files directly within the app. With Documents 7, the in-app browser is getting several important improvements and updates.

— Private Browsing Mode

Readdle believes that privacy is a fundamental right, and we respect the privacy of our users. In Documents 7, you can now browse the web privately by activating the new Private Browsing Mode. 

Documents 7 private browsing

From the in-app browser, you can open a New Private Tab which automatically enables the Private Browsing Mode. Documents 7 forgets all visited pages, search history, and AutoFill information when you close any Private tab. All tabs in the Private Browsing Mode are clearly marked as such, so it’s easy to tell when the mode is enabled or disabled.

— Change Default Search Engine

Continuing with our focus on privacy, you can now change the Default Search Engine in Documents 7. Don’t like the invasive tracking on Google? Easy, just switch to DuckDuckGo. You can also optionally set the Default Search Engine to, or

— Easier Access to Browser Settings

In Documents 7, we’ve also made it easy to access the Browser Settings. Instead of digging into the app’s Settings to find what you’re looking for, all the browser settings are now available right within the in-app browser, just a single tap away.

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Features

Documents 7 is a massive release that brings along a whole bunch of features facilitated by the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Our team has been working on the app for several months now and has taken the efforts of polishing all of these features to your liking. Here’s all the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 goodness available in Documents 7.

Documents by Readdle Dark Mode

— Dark Mode

Documents 7 includes a beautifully designed Dark Mode theme, so if you have the Dark Mode enabled on iOS, Documents will feel right at home. We’ve designed custom icons and glyphs for the dark mode, and we’re sure you’ll like ‘em.

— Multiple Window Support

One of the biggest features in iPadOS 13 is the ability to open multiple windows of the same app, and Documents 7 offers full support for this feature. You can open multiple instances of the Documents app and simultaneously work with different files, even in the Split View mode.

Documents multiple windows

— Productivity Gestures

Swipe, Pinch, Zoom on the screen with ease in Documents 7, with full support for the new productivity gestures in iOS 13. With these gestures, editing large PDF files is a lot more fun.

— Annotate Better with PencilKit

Your Apple Pencil experience in Documents has become even better with this update, thanks to the new PencilKit integration. Now, you can also draw on the images to provide your feedback, sketch some ideas or annotate anything you want.

— Floating Keyboard

Why cover half the screen with the big on-screen keyboard, when all you have to do is add notes or comments to PDF files? Documents 7 supports the tiny floating keyboard on iOS 13, so you can quickly type with one hand if needed and leave notes or comments on the go.

— Voice Control Support

We’ve shipped Documents 7 with support for Voice Control on iOS 13, making the app fully accessible to anyone with limited mobility, dexterity, or other conditions. With this feature, you can interact with your iPhone and iPad running Documents using just your voice, and speak commands directly to it.

— Low Data Mode

Documents 7 plays nicely with the Low Data Mode in iOS 13, which reduces network data use and saves you precious carrier data.

Documents 7 is a complete rethinking of the future of Documents app, and we’re excited about the direction we’re heading into. We believe that Documents can be the goto app on iOS to organize, manage, and work with files seamlessly, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Hit us up @Readdle on Twitter and follow us on Facebook.

Get Documents 7 for free from the App Store and start organizing your files right away.

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