Scanner Pro Update: Take Better Scans with the Flashlight and Navigate Documents Faster

TL;DR Scanner Pro now uses the flashlight to take better scans in low light, lets you navigate multi-page documents faster, and adds the “Select All” button.

Scanner Pro by Readdle lets you create professional-looking scans with your iPhone or iPad. With so many scanner apps on the App Store, our main focus is to bring you the best scan quality. Many of you enjoyed our latest Shadow Removal update, and our team is grateful for all your love and support. 

Today, we’re bringing a number of updates to help you manage your files more conveniently and take even better scans. All the features below are available for free in both Scanner Pro and Scanner Mini.

Update Scanner Pro and let’s see what’s new!

Take high-quality scans in low light

Scanning in a poorly lit environment can be tough. A super bright flash on your camera whitens a scan, while with no flash, a document ends up blurry or grainy. That’s why Scanner Pro now lets you use the iPhone flashlight to take better scans.

While scanning, tapThe flashlight iconat the top left to turn the flashlight on. This will provide you with more control as you can find the best angle to cast light on a document. Using the flashlight also helps Scanner Pro better detect the document borders and make sure you’ll get a quality scan without shadows.

Navigate multi-page scans faster

The improved page management in Scanner Pro lets you quickly jump to the desired page, without that annoying swiping. If you frequently scan textbooks or research papers, you’ll definitely love this update.

Here’s how the new page management works. Open your scan and tapThe four squares iconat the top right. Here, you’ll see a preview of all the pages. This menu should look familiar to you, but we’ve made a lot more intuitive to use. Just tap a thumbnail to jump to a respective page. This is a time-saver for sure!

Scanner Pro also lets you share, copy, or delete specific pages from your scan. Once you opened the page management menu, tap Select at the top right, pick the pages, and choose the desired action.

Select all scans at once

Scanner Pro now lets you save time by selecting all your scans at once. This is helpful when you need to move scans to a specific folder, share them with someone, or just delete them all at once. 

Just tap Select at the top right of the screen and next tap the new Select All button. Now, you can pick one of the actions: Share, move, merge, or delete the selected scans. No more boring repetitive tapping!

Other improvements

This update also features some fixes you may not notice, but they add up to improving your experience with Scanner Pro:

  • Faster documents loading from iCloud. Some of you had issues with displaying scans in the app, and we’ve fixed it. Now, all your files load much faster and in the correct order, according to the sorting you specified.
  • Smoother drag & drop. Moving and organizing your scans now works like a charm.

We hope this update will help you take even better scans and manage them faster. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments or ping @Readdle on Twitter.

Download Scanner Pro now and let us know you think!

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