Scanner Pro by Readdle introduces the Magic Eraser to clean up scans

TL;DR. Scanner Pro updates with the Magic Eraser that lets you remove stains, marks, and those pesky fingers to get flawless scans.

Have you ever tried to erase fingers that got into the shot while scanning a passport? Or wanted to remove staple marks and punch holes? Or clear the edges of a scan?

We’ve all been there – searching for an app to clean up scans. The issue is that the final result often looks “manipulated”, bringing the scan’s authenticity into question. So most of the time we settle for the original scan with marks, stains, and other undesired objects.

This is the problem we tackled with Scanner Pro. Our customers love the amazing scan quality they achieve with the app, and today we’re bringing it to the next level.

Meet the Magic Eraser – an AI-powered tool that lets you get rid of stains, marks, and even those pesky fingers on your scans. Think of it as a magic wand that can enhance any scan.

The Eraser is available for free to all Scanner Pro users.

Update Scanner Pro now, and let’s dive in! 

Remove those pesky fingers

Scanning a book or passport can be frustrating. When you hold the page down, your fingers can get into the scan making it look unprofessional. Some of you might have even tried to get rid of those in an image editor. With Scanner Pro, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

The AI-powered Eraser detects fingers on your scans and lets you remove them in one tap. Let’s see it in action!

“Eraser is a computational graphics algorithm that replaces the selected part of the image. The algorithm aims to fill this region with color and texture to match the original,” says Tetiana Hvozdieva, the R&D engineer at Readdle. “To bring more value to the Eraser, we came up with an AI-powered solution to detect the most common visual obstacle – fingers holding the document. Together, those tools make scans perfect with the least effort possible.”

Here’s how to erase fingers from your scan:

  1. Open the Edit menu in your scan.
  2. Select the Eraser tool.
  1. After carefully analyzing the scan, Scanner Pro will prompt you to erase the fingers if detected.
  2. Tap Erase Fingers and enjoy the magic.

Erase marks and stains with precision

Sometimes the paper documents you scan are far from perfect, be it an invoice with a coffee stain or a worn-out textbook. What if you had a magic wand to clean them up?

The new Eraser in Scanner Pro lets you remove any punch holes, stains, and staple marks to get a flawless scan.

Here’s how to clean up your scan:

  1. Select the Eraser tool within the Edit menu.
  2. Adjust the brush size and drag it over the spot you want to erase.
  3. That’s it! Enjoy a clean scan.

With the new Eraser, your scans will always be flawless, even if your paper documents aren’t. Our team is excited for you to try the latest Scanner Pro and enjoy the best-in-class quality document scanning. There are more valuable improvements to come this year, so stay tuned to @Readdle!

About the app: Scanner Pro is Readdle’s powerful scanning app for iPhone and iPad, with 10M downloads and the “Editors’ Choice” award by Apple. It created the whole category of digitizing papers on mobile in 2009 and keeps innovating.

Get Scanner Pro for free and let us know what you think!

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