Scanner Pro Expense Report

Save time with automated expense reporting for small businesses and solopreneurs. Scan your receipts on the go, and let Scanner Pro do the rest.

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Scanner Pro Expense Report

Goodbye, tedious manual reporting!

Scanner Pro automatically captures all key information from your receipts like date, vendor, amount, tax, currency, and type of expense.

Create expense report on the go

The receipt scanning, report creation, and sharing take minutes and can be easily done on your phone. You no longer need to get to your computer to do this.

Free download
Free download

No more lost receipts

All of your receipts and expense reports can be safely backed up in your Cloud storage for 3 or 7 years. Minimizes any risks or financial losses for your business.

Focus on your business. Simplify expense reporting

Choose the right format
Submit expense reports as PDF documents or editable CSV
Monitor your expenses
Keep track of all business spending, so you're aware where your money is going
Make it professional
Create professional, clean and easy-to-read expense report
No more mistakes
Easily edit your expense information, right from your phone

Try expense reporting
with Scanner Pro

Quick, easy, and on the go.