Scanner Pro is the best iPad and iPhone scanner app that turns your device into a portable scanner. Get it now, if haven't done so yet.

To create a scan, open Scanner Pro and press the orange Plus button.

In the top menu you can pick: flash on/off, color mode type, manual or auto scanning mode.

Here are the color modes available in Scanner Pro app:

  1. Color Document - adds brightness and contrast to the initial colored scan.
  2. Black & White Document - highlights text and contrasts areas. This mode is perfect for text documents.
  3. Color Photo - all colors of the initial scan are preserved.
  4. Grayscale Photo - leaves the initial brightness/contrast of the image, but sets the color to shades of gray.

Once you set the scanning mode, it will remain as default unless you change it manually.

Having snapped all pages of the document, tap the blue indicator at the bottom right corner with a number of created pages, name the scan and save it.

Else, press x to exit and discard all taken pages.