Scanner Pro is the best iPad and iPhone scanner app that turns your device into a portable scanner. Get it now, if haven't done so yet.

Chances are that you were taking photos of documents with your camera before - a certain page of the book or a receipt. With our scanning app you can create snow-white scans out of your Photo gallery.

To create the scan from already taken images in Camera roll:

  • Launch Scanner Pro, press orange Plus button and tap the Picture icon on the bottom toolbar to access Photo Library.
  • Select images from the Camera Roll and choose the processing type: Photo, Document or Grayscale using top toolbar and press Done. Tap on the page to edit or retake scan. Tap Save to finish with this file, or tap Discard to delete it.

Note: Scanner Pro won't display panorama photos and photos with high resolution imported from other devices.

Also, take advantage of Scanner Pro Radar feature to find photos of documents and receipts in your Photo Library automatically.

Open Scanner Pro and launch Radar using top toolbar. The app will search through the Photo library and display documents and receipts, ordered by date.

Simply tap on the images to select them, then proceed using Radar icon in the bottom right corner.

To add new files in Radar, tap Radar icon in the bottom right and select new docs using Tap and Hold. To remove the photo which wasn't detected correctly, tap and hold the one with the blue frame unless it is marked as Non-Document.

In Scanner Pro the Radar toggle could be found in Scanner Pro Settings -> Advanced Settings.