Image showing PDF documents being converted to Word format

PDF is a universal document format that we deal with daily. However, sometimes, you need to import a PDF page into a Word document on your iPhone. You may need to edit a large amount of text, add content to the existing Word document you are working on, or upload a document to the tool that accepts only Microsoft Word format. 

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to import PDF into Word on the go. It could be tricky because there is no direct way to convert a PDF into a Word on an iPhone as you would do on a Mac. 

However, you can import PDF into Word by converting a PDF file into a Word document using a third-party app. We recommend choosing a reliable app with a high review rating that will guarantee the security of your documents. Online converters could be a less safe choice. While some offer an easy online PDF to Word converter, verifying the website and deciding whether you trust it before sharing sensitive data is essential. 

How to convert PDF into Word  on iPhone using Scanner Pro app

You can import PDF to Word quickly with the Scanner Pro app, the go-to scanning app for iPhones and iPads. It is trusted by 10 million users worldwide and has a 4.8-star rating on App Store. 

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to import PDF to Word by adding a PDF to Scanner Pro and then converting it to a Word file :

  1. Open the Scanner Pro app
  2. Choose the Import Files option from the More Menu in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of Import files feature in Scanner Pro on iPhone

  1. Choose the PDF you want to import and convert. 
  2. After the upload, you will find the PDF on the Home Page. Open the file and click on the ‘Share’ menu option at the bottom.
  3. Choose ‘Export to Word’ and wait for the document to convert. 
  4. Choose the destination for your Word file. You can save it to your Files folder or share it through email or messaging apps. 

Screenshot of sharing Word files feature in Scanner Pro on iPhone

With Scanner Pro, you can not only import PDF into Word, but also scan receipts and docs on the go, edit them, and keep all your important documents in one place. Go ahead and download the Scanner Pro app, appreciated by millions of users worldwide. 

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