Announcing Universal PDF Expert 5.1

We are proud to announce that PDF Expert 5.1 is going to be LIVE next Thursday (May 29th). This is going to be the biggest and the most important update for PDF Expert this year.

For those who are not familiar with PDF Expert, it is the most powerful PDF editing tool that allows you to add annotations, fill PDF forms, sign documents and much more. PDF Expert is very easy to use, yet very powerful.

So what’s new?

PDF Expert 5.1 Will Support iPhone and iPad.


For a few years PDF Expert was a separate app for iPhone and iPad. But this is no longer the case, we decided to make it universal! PDF Expert 5.1 can be installed on both iPad and iPhone, and you don’t have to buy it twice.

The iPhone version is finally as powerful as the iPad one. Now you can create freehand drawings and figures, manage pages and merge PDFs, select annotation groups and edit them, share files via SMB, and mark your files with colors and stars. All that powerful functionality is wrapped into gorgeous flat design.

Continuous Scroll.


Continuous scroll is finally here! This means that you can scroll PDF documents vertically. It is smooth and fast. You asked – we did it. Check it out right now.

Calculations in LiveCycle Designer Forms.


You can now use PDF Expert 5.1 for calculations in PDF forms that are created in Adobe Acrobat or LiveCycle Designer. For example, input quantity and price per unit to see the final price of the order.

Speeded Up.


PDF Expert 5.1 works much faster now! You will feel the difference once you search something within a PDF file, or switch between tabs or even annotate a big PDF file. A super fast sync engine will be available shortly.

PDF Expert for iPhone is FREE.
The current iPhone version of PDF Expert (4.7) becomes FREE starting today. The regular price was $9.99, so you might want to grab it from the App Store. It is still a great app to annotate and sign PDFs right on your iPhone. It does support form filling and other cool features. On May 29th, PDF Expert 4.7 (for iPhone) will be removed from the App Store.

Upgrade Path.
As you already know, PDF Expert 5.1 ($9.99) will be one universal app for both iPhone and iPad. All existing users of PDF Expert 5 will be able to download the update and install it on their iPhones for free. For the rest (including the users of PDF Expert 4.7 for iPhone) it will be a separate app that costs $9.99.

To Journalists and Bloggers.
The launch date is set for May 29th. We are happy to provide pre-launch access to PDF Expert 5.1 for all those who might want to cover the news on their sites. For Early Access, promo codes and more info please contact