Documents or PDF Expert: Which Should I Use To Work With PDFs?

I have both Documents and PDF Expert, but I’m sort of confused by which one I should be using to work with PDFs.

That’s a an often-asked question, and we’re going to give you our best answer.


Our purpose is not to create single apps. We construct the whole ecosystem that allows you to complete all of your tasks effortlessly and at warp speed.

That’s why we designed Documents as a hub to connect most of our apps.

Out of the box, Documents is a file manager, document viewer and media player for iPhone and iPad. But what if you need some extra PDF capabilities?

You can open and share PDF files in Documents, however you’ll soon find that it lacks some annotating/editing/signing features. Documents is simply not supposed to do that. But it can definitely be helpful.

That’s the point when you need PDF Expert. You can download it from the AppStore and use both apps separately. But once Documents detects that PDF Expert is installed on your device, it will instantly integrate it with all its functionality. From now, consider PDF Expert as an add-on for Documents.

Now you can do everything PDF Expert does in Documents. You still need PDF Expert on your device, but you can do all your tasks in one app.

When you have PDF Expert integrated into Documents, you get some advanced PDF features.

  • Tabs. On your iPad you can keep up to 5 PDF files open at the same time.
  • Preview/Markup Mode is perfect for document checking and proofreading.
  • It gives you the whole range of annotation tools.
  • It can save a file as a Flattened copy or Annotation summary.
  • It merges files and pages with ease.
  • It works in Sepia mode
  • It has the choice of  Horizontal or Vertical scroll for multi-page files.

You can remove PDF Expert features from Documents if necessary and use them in PDF Expert separately. To do so:

  • Proceed to Settings;
  • Tap ‘PDF‘ tab;
  • Choose between ‘Readdle PDF Expert‘ and ‘Built-in iOS Viewer‘.


Bottom Line

PDF Expert seamlessly integrates into Documents to let you complete all your PDF related tasks conveniently where you work with other files and without the necessity to switch between apps.

You can get PDF Expert on the AppStore.

Maxym Varnalii