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Calendars: your guide to shared family success

Ever feel like your family's schedule is just too chaotic? Explore the transformative power of shared family calendars in managing the complexities of modern life. Experience the convenience and versatility of Calendars by Readdle, designed to improve family communication and ensure no important moment is missed.

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Readdle Stories: How this family living 'off the grid' uses Documents to stay connected

Desiree Parkinson, a tour guide and fiber artist (a job which involves using natural materials to weave, knit and crochet) relies on Documents to keep her connected to creative tasks, fitness routines and home entertainment.

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Readdle Stories: My health journey with PDF Expert

Davide, 40, a financial advisor and teacher from Sardinia, Italy has been challenged with a heart condition since his teenage years. Here, he explains how using PDF Expert has helped empower his health journey, over the course of several years and multiple operations.

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Take control of your time like never before: New Calendars app for Apple Watch

Are you ready to take your agenda to the next level? The redesigned Calendars app for Apple Watch is here. Packed with powerful features and an intuitive interface, this app is designed to make your life easier.

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Dust off your Calendar for Spring

With the first rays of sunshine peeking through the window and the sound of birds chirping, we desire to start Spring afresh. Spring cleaning is a ritual rooted in tradition, so try organizing some tasks in Сalendars. Amidst a clean and ordered home, your soul can rest and your spirit can roam.

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Career Path and Passion for Photography: An Interview with Olena Obilets, Product Manager of Spark

17 years ago, Olena started a journey that shaped her career. With a background in sales and technical support, she was a great fit for the emerging profession of product management. Today, she's achieved her dream and led many successful projects, including the release of the All-new Spark. Discover the challenges she faced, some of her productivity tips, and how she captures the world's beauty through her camera lenses.

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Finding Inspiration: How Music and People Drive Me to Succeed

Fluix Account Executive shares how the company’s approach changed her perception of sales and talks about her passion for music and the inspiration that she finds in connecting with people.

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Readdle's Chief of Staff: my five levels of influence for a more meaningful life

Olga Pochtarenko, Chief of Staff at Readdle, shares how she contributes to positive changes in the world through coaching, mentoring, volunteering, and making small everyday decisions to reduce her impact on the planet. Read on to learn more about Olga's inspiring insights on creating a more meaningful life.

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Empathy in Action: A Customer Support Lead's Journey to Creating Social Impact

Join us in celebrating #InspiringWomen at Readdle by reading the incredible story of Anastasiia Zelinska, Customer Support Lead for Spark. Learn about her journey of finding her passion, making a positive social impact, and advocating for equality and inclusivity.

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When planning is everything it's nothing

When planning turns into an obsession with controlling each life’s stage, it turns out to be a destructive, not helpful thing. At the same time, there is no need to abandon the idea of planning — you are better off doing the mental and preparatory work yourself. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to use a calendar.

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