iPhone is a great device to have all your important documents at hand, whenever you need them. It's important to keep your files organized so you can quickly find that PDF receipt or a bunch of videos you downloaded to watch later.

Creating a folder on an iPhone can be a tricky task even for seasoned Apple fans. That's where our free Documents app comes in to help. It works as a central hub for all your files allowing you to manage everything in one place. Documents is one of the most intuitive file managers out there so you can create a new folder in a snap.

How to create a folder on iPhone:

  1. Download Documents for free and open the app.
  2. Tap the purple plus button at the bottom.
  3. Select Create Folder.
How to create folder on iPhone and iPad

Now, you can simply drag and drop the desired documents to the folder you just created. Or you can just drag one file over another to get them into a new folder.

You can also create folders within folders to better organize your files.

How to create a subfolder on iPhone:

  1. Open a parent folder.
  2. Tap the plus button and select Create Folder.

Alternatively, you can just drag one folder over another.

How to mark a folder with a color tag:

  1. Tap … More on a folder.
  2. Select Mark With Color Tag.
  3. Pick a color you wish.

Once you've learned how to create a folder on iPhone, it's time to discover the other file management opportunities you have. Documents lets you read and annotate books, view photos, listen to music and watch videos, download files, and connect to any cloud service.

Download Documents for free and enjoy the best experience working with your files!


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