There are many cases when you may want to separate audio from video. Let’s say you’ve just enjoyed a new music video and want to save that song on your device. Or you open a History lecture, but there are no riveting slides on the screen, just your professor speaking dryly. In this case, you’d better extract an mp3 with a lecturer’s voice to educate yourself on the go.

You can rip audio from video for free with our Documents app for iPhone & iPad. Documents is a super app where all your files come to life. It lets you do what you want with your files, from downloading music to reading epub. Documents lets you extract sound from your lecture or music video while the original video remains untouched.

Download Documents for free, and let’s see how to separate audio from video using the app.

How to extract audio from video:

  1. Get Documents for free if you haven’t done so yet.
  2. Open the app and tap the purple plus button to add your video.
  3. Here, you have many options: You can import a video from Files, Photos, any cloud storage, or even your computer.
  4. Open your video.
  5. Tap the Video Actions icon .
  6. Select Extract Audio > Extract mp3 file
  7. Tap Show in My Files to access your audio. 
how to separate audio from video on iPhone and iPad

As you can see, extracting sound from video in Documents takes just a few taps. The best thing is you can do it for free, without any limitations.

We’ve created Documents to supercharge your iPhone, so you can do anything with your files, without jumping between dozens of apps. Watch movies, listen to music, edit PDFs, browse the web & download files, read your favorite books, and more.

Get Documents for free and enjoy the super app for file action!


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