If you're looking for an app to read books on iPhone and iPad, try our free Documents app. It supports EPUB, FB2, TXT, and PDF files so you don't need to switch between different apps to enjoy all the books in your library.

How to read books on iPhone and iPad

Download Documents for free, and let's get started!

How to get books on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Get Documents and launch the app.
  2. Tap the purple plus button at the bottom right.
  3. Choose from where to add the books. You can import books from the Files app, any cloud storage or even your computer.
  4. Pick the desired book. Now, it's available in Documents.
  5. Tap a book to start reading.

Now, it's time to learn some tricks to improve your reading experience!

Customize reading settings

Documents offers different options to make reading EPUB on iPhone and iPad more comfortable.

Once you’ve opened a book, tap the View options View Options button in Documents button.

Reading Options in Documents on iPhone and iPad

Here, you can adjust different settings to improve your reading experience:

  • Switch between vertical or horizontal scrolling
  • Adjust brightness
  • Select the Night or Sepia theme to please your eyes
  • Change the text size
  • Select the font
  • Prevent your device from auto-locking while reading

Get Documents for free

Bookmark pages

With Documents, you can quickly bookmark an interesting page:

  1. Open a book.
  2. Tap the Bookmark icon.
  3. Type the bookmark name and tap Add.

Documents also allows you to view and manage all your bookmarks in one place. Open your EPUB book, tap and go to the Bookmarks tab. Here, you can browse and edit all your bookmarks. In this way, you can quickly jump to the most important and insightful pages.

Bookmark Chapters in Books while Reading on iPhone and iPad

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View the table of contents

You can quickly navigate between the chapters of your EPUB book using the table of contents. Just tap and open the Table of contents tab. Here, you can view an outline of your book.

Search for a word in a book

To search through your EPUB book, tap the search icon and type the word or phrase you're looking for. You can switch between the results using the arrow buttons.

How to Search in Books on iPhone and iPad

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Annotate PDF books

As seen above, Documents is great for reading books in many formats. However, if you prefer enjoying literature in PDF, the app provides even more features to work with a book on a much deeper level.

Documents has a powerful built-in PDF reader which allows you to annotate PDF books in many different ways. You can highlight text, write notes, type your comments in the margins, draw with your finger or the Apple Pencil.

Open a PDF book and tap Annotate on the toolbar.

How to annotate books on iPhone and iPad

Here, you can find numerous annotation options:

— highlight text

— underline text

— strikeout text

— add a text note

— draw with a pencil

— draw with a marker

— erase drawings

— add pop-up notes

— add shapes

— add stickers

Feel free to combine all these tools to get the most out of every book.

Get Documents for free

Documents is a great app to read books on iPhone and iPad. It works perfectly with EPUB, FB2, TXT, and PDF files and provides the number of nifty options to improve your reading experience.

Documents also has a built-in browser so you can quickly download any book from the web.

Download Documents for free and dive deep into your favorite literature!


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