Documents 6 is the best file manager, music player, and downloader for iPhone and iPad. Get it for free, if you haven’t done so yet.

You can enjoy amazing reading experience on the go with Documents. If you're wondering how to open ePub, fb2, txt or view PDF on iPhone or iPad, it offers powerful reading and annotation options. What's cool about them?


  • Use two finger pinch gesture
  • Double tap to zoom instantly

Go to the next or previous page

  • Swipe with one finger;
  • Tap on the right or left edge of the screen in Horizontal scroll. The scroll direction can be changed in the app Settings -> PDF.


  • Tap and type the word or phrase you are looking for. The list of results is presented from the current page. Tap on any item in the list to navigate to the appropriate place in a document.
  • Tap on the page number to highlight all search results on the page.

How to create a bookmark

Tap and select the Bookmarks tab to review the list of bookmarks and navigate to one of them. You can also add a new bookmark by tapping + on the current page. Tap Edit to rename or remove a bookmark.

Navigate by Outlines

Tap and select the Outlines tab to review and navigate through the table of contents. To expand the chapter tap the arrow icon.

Documents provides the best experience for creating table of contents to easily navigate through the whole file. Subitems for outlines is another useful addition to your workflow.

To add a new item to the existing Table of Contents:

  1. Tap Edit in the Outlines tab;
  2. Tap +;
  3. To create a subitem drag one item over another.

Moreover, you can easily change a landing page number of the item in Outlines tab.

For this:

  1. Tap Edit;
  2. Tap the number box next to the item and put the page number you want to be landed to.

Review annotations

You can review the list of all annotations and navigate to the corresponding pages by tapping and selecting the Annotations tab.

Adjust reading mode

Tap and enable Night or Day Mode. In the Night mode colours of the document will be inverted.

Make Plain Text

Tap and change the format of a document into a plain text without pictures, colored fonts and other text formatting.

How to print from iPhone or iPad?

Once the Print option is tapped, the AirPrint dialogue will pop up to let you select your printer and set number of copies you want to print. In case our Printer Pro is installed on the device, you'll be able to choose between Printer Pro and AirPrint and go on with printing.


This option allows you to open a current document in any other third party app on condition that the latter supports iOS ‘Open in’ share sheet dialogue.

How to annotate a PDF?

Documents is probably the best PDF annotator for iPad and iPhone, as it provides you with all the necessary tools to work with text in the most effective way.

Text markup

To highlight, underline or strike out the text in PDF tap , or . Then tap and drag on the text you’d like to annotate.

To change the color of the markup tap and hold on any of the markup tools or tap the highlighted text and pick Colors… from the popup.

Annotation tools can be also selected by tapping and holding on the document and choosing the tool from the popup.

How to take notes on PDF?

Documents is also an excellent PDF writer. You can create a popup text note by tapping and holding on a file and selecting Note from the popup. To delete a popup note - open it first and then tap .