Ask anyone what camera they would use if they had to quickly capture a moment to be cherished forever, the resounding answer would be their smartphone. Smartphone cameras these days churn out photos at par with professional cameras that cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, smartphones excel at instantly sharing these photo memories with our family and friends and making them a part of our joyful moments. Think of all the beautiful photos you’ve taken that are now sitting in the Photos app of your iPhone and iPad — that lovely family group photo from the summer retreat, that romantic couple’s dinner at the beach resort, your baby’s first steps, your dog’s first swim — all incredible memories.

A major downside of capturing photos with our smartphones is that often you’ll find something unwanted or unpleasant has become a part of the photo — it could be a person sneezing in the background as your partner proposes to you, a bird flying into the frame of your group photo, or something as common as a light pole or a table ruining an otherwise perfect photo. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could magically make these unwanted objects disappear? What if you were given a magic eraser that empowered you to automatically erase unwanted objects from photos?

Well, that’s exactly what Documents by Readdle, with its Smart Eraser feature, does. Here’s how you can go from an imperfect photo on your iPhone and iPad to the one you love with just a tap.

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What is a magic eraser?

No, of course, we're not referring to a well-known cleaning product for tiles and surfaces. We’re talking about the magic eraser feature for photos that enables you to magically remove unwanted objects in seconds. Let’s say you have a photo of your dog peacefully admiring the setting sun, but a random person is ruining the moment. A magic eraser — such as the Smart Eraser in Documents — automagically cleans up the photo for you. Just highlight anything that you want to be removed, and *poof* it’s gone! Like magic!

You can remove multiple things from a photo or any image, so getting that perfect result is no longer a pipe dream. A Magic Eraser is a must-have feature on smartphones these days, and the Smart Eraser in Documents helps you get those perfect photos every time.

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How to use a magic eraser?

Different platforms implement the magic eraser tool differently for cleaning up photos and removing unwanted objects. The UI may be different, but the general idea remains the same. You simply highlight the objects or things that you want to be removed from the photo and then tap the erase button for the feature to do its magic. Simple and instant!

It’s important to remember that you must carefully select the objects you want to remove from your photos. First, ensure that you have fully covered and highlighted all the areas that need to be erased. It’s good practice to highlight any shadows or reflections of the unwanted objects so that those are removed, too.

How to remove unwanted objects in photos on iPhone and iPad?

Today, there are several AI-powered magic eraser tools available on the web that let you upload a photo and remove unwanted objects from it. As is the case with many of the free website tools available on the web, they are either cluttered with ads or require you to sign up for an expensive subscription. Privacy is another important factor to consider — it's often unclear what happens to the photos you upload and how they might be used to train AI models. Needless to say, these free magic eraser tools on the internet aren’t fit for everyone.

Thankfully, Documents by Readdle brings you all the features you need to magically erase unwanted objects from your photos. It works on your device, so your photos never need to leave your iPhone or iPad. They remain private and secure, just as you want them to be. Here’s a simple guide that explains how you can remove unwanted things from photos on your iOS devices.

  1. Get Documents from the App Store.
  2. Import Photos from your Camera Roll into Documents by using the + button. Alternatively, you can tap on the Share button in the Photos app and choose ‘Save to Documents’.
  3. Tap the Eraser icon at the bottom to launch the Smart Eraser tool.
  4. Draw on the screen to highlight the areas in red that you want removed from the photo or image.
  5. Tap the Erase button once you’re done highlighting all areas, then tap Save.
  6. Documents automatically removes the unwanted objects and saves the photo or image with the “(Edited) prefix, so you still have the original image to compare or edit again.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to remove unwanted objects from photos on iPhone and iPad.

Documents Smart Eraser vs. Google Magic Eraser

Google has included a Magic Eraser tool with the Google Photos app for some time, so it’s easy to get confused about which tool to use. If you’re already familiar with Google’s Magic Eraser and use Google Photos to back up your photos to the cloud, you’ll likely lean towards it. However, the Smart Eraser feature in Documents includes several advantages over Google’s own Magic Eraser feature. Here’s the rundown of the differences between Smart Eraser and Google Magic Eraser on iPhone and iPad.

  Google Magic Eraser Smart Eraser in Documents
Privacy Photos must be backed up to Google Cloud Photos never leave your device to remain private and secure.
Cost Requires purchase of additional storage space to save all your photos Uses your on-device storage space
All-or-nothing Forces you to import your photos into the Google Photos service. Photos can be removed or saved elsewhere after use.
Account Requires a Google Account No user account required

Documents is a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad to edit your photos and remove unwanted objects from them with just a tap. It takes all your imperfect photos and turns them into memories you’ll cherish forever. 

Documents is available for Free on the App Store. Smart Eraser requires our Documents Plus subscription, which offers several other incredible features.


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